Fuller Transmission Model Number

Pro Gear and Transmission offers the full range of Fuller Roadranger transmissions, new and rebuilt exchange units

Rebuilt, new and used Fuller transmission model numbers, we stock, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15 and 18 speed Fuller transmissions.

RTLO-11118A-MT RTLO11118A-MT RTLO11118AMT RTLO-11610B  RTLO11610B
RTLO-11610B-T2  RTLO11610B-T2  RTLO11610BT2 RTLO-12610B RTLO12610B
RTLO-12610B-T2 RTLO12610B-T2 RTLO12610BT2 RTLO-12713A RTLO12713A
RTLO12913A RTLO-13610B RTLO13610B
RTLO-18918A-AS2 RTLO18918A-AS2 RTLO18918AAS2 RTLO-18918B RTLO18918B
RTLO-18918B-AS RTLO18918B-AS RTLO18918BAS RTLO-18918B-T2 RTLO18918B-T2 RTLO18918BT2 RTLO-20913A RTLO20913A
RTLO-20918A-AS2 RTLO20918A-AS2 RTLO20918AAS2 RTLO-20918B RTLO20918B
RTLO-20918B-AS RTLO20918B-AS RTLO20918BAS RTLO-20918B-T2 RTLO20918B-T2 RTLO20918BT2 RTLO-22918A-AS2 RTLO22918A-AS2 RTLO22918AAS2 RTLO-22918B RTLO22918B

Eaton Fuller RTX transmission
Fuller Transmissions
Eaton Fuller transmission

Rebuilt Fuller Transmission Models:

RTLO13610B-T2 RTLO13610BT2 RTLO-14610A RTLO14610A
RTLO14610B RTLO-14610B-T2 RTLO14610B-T2 RTLO14610BT2 RTLO-14613B
RTLO14618A RTLO-14713A RTLO14713A
RTLO14718B RTLO-14913A RTLO14913A
RTLO-14918A-AS2 RTLO14918A-AS2 RTLO14918AAS2 RTLO-14918B RTLO14918B
RTLO-14918B-AS RTLO14918B-AS RTLO14918BAS RTLO-14918B-T2 RTLO14918B-T2 RTLO14918BT2 RTLO-15610B RTLO15610B
RTLO-15610B-T2 RTLO15610B-T2 RTLO15610BT2 RTLO-16610B RTLO16610B
RTLO-16610B-T2 RTLO16610B-T2 RTLO16610BT2 RTLO-16618A RTLO16618A RTLO-16713A
RTLO-16713A-T2 RTLO16713A-T2 RTLO16713AT2 RTLO-16718B RTLO16718B
RTLO16913A RTLO-16913A-T2 RTLO16913A-T2 RTLO16913AT2 RTLO-16918A-AS2 RTLO16918A-AS2 RTLO16918AAS2 RTLO-16918B RTLO16918B
RTLO-16918B-AS RTLO16918B-AS RTLO16918BAS RTLO-16918B-T2 RTLO16918B-T2 RTLO16918BT2 RTLO-17610B RTLO17610B
RTLO-17610B-T2 RTLO17610B-T2 RTLO17610BT2 RTLO-18610B RTLO18610B
RTLO-18610B-T2 RTLO18610B-T2 RTLO18610BT2 RTLO-18718B RTLO18718B
RTLO-18913A RTLO18913A RTLO-18913A-T2 RTLO18913A-T2 RTLO18913AT2

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Transmission (Upgrades)

We can accommodate any need you may have in upgrading or modifying your unit for specific applications, such as:

  • Addition of Overdrive Gears.
  • Upgrades to handle more Horsepower & Torque.
  • Addition of Oil Coolers, Filters and Heat Exchangers.

Automated Transmissions – We can also handle any of the new technologies offered by Fuller. We offer new, rebuilt, and re-manufactured Eaton transmissions. All transmissions are sold exchange. Core charges will apply and may be refunded in whole or in part upon delivery and inspection. Unit will be subject to manufacturers core policy unless otherwise stated in writing.

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Rebuilt Fuller transmissions rebuilt by Pro Gear are covered with a one year, unlimited mileage warranty. *See
warranty. All other warranties are that of the manufacturer.

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